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Racing Club de Lens is from the region of Pas-de-Calais in the north of France. Their nickname "sang et or" comes from the traditional colours of red and gold, with primary rivals being Lille OSC- the 'Derby du Nord'

209 Vachoux For Jeremy Vachoux, Lens' goalkeeper since 2014 Playlist
248 The League... Sung together at 8.00pm on fridays Playlist
550 Ljuboja Danijel Ljuboja from Serbia - known for his top notch passing skills Playlist
675 Come on Come on Blood and Gold Can you help with the lyrics to this one? Playlist
906 Sing the Lens' Glory One of the best supported teams in France. No lyrics supplied with this one, if you know them then please add them in the comments box on the website or contact us through Playlist
1248 We Are Here .. Playlist
1374 Lalala Hey Allez Lensois Short and simple chant Playlist
1509 Blood and Gold Blood and gold.. Playlist
2034 Yahia Song for Alaedine Yahia, central defender of RC Lens since 2009 Playlist
2206 We're All Children of the Racing Children of Racing Playlist
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2280 Go Go Go Oh Oh A very simple chant for RC Lens Playlist
2316 Lens Hymn Mythical song which remembering the power of the north of France Playlist
2789 Gervais Resignation Great song from Lens fans Playlist
2960 Loooolalalalala Very simple lots of Lololo's - pins and needles if you were at the stadium though! Playlist
2972 Since We'Re Children Lens vs Boulogne Billancourt, CFA, 03/05/2016 Playlist
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